What makes a great logo design?

Why are you asking us? OK, yes we do know the answer. Understanding of the business, the vision and industry helps get started. This article explains what makes a great logo design, from a leading branding agency in Dubai. I’ve been in the creative world all my life, from my father’s ...

How can I win more customers?

Spoiler alert! There are a million different ways (educated guess). We’ve researched this in some depth and discovered a route back to branding. This article offers suggestions to consider, the results are tested too. LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS It’s the Age of the Customer, the era of the Internet of Me. Brand names ...

What is a brand strategy?

This is crucial and starts at the very heart of discussions. You need to know where you want to be.  A difficult question to deliver a focused answer. This article explains what a brand strategy is. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets, but what ...

How do you build a brand?

You’re not alone, many start-up businesses have a great idea, but understanding the funding needed introduces a hurdle. This article will help you understand how you build a brand and where to start. When considering brand design we take it in stages and some primary questions need to be answered: 1. Who ...

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