What makes a great logo design?

Why are you asking us? OK, yes we do know the answer. Understanding of the business, the vision and industry helps get started. This article explains what makes a great logo design, from a leading branding agency in Dubai.

I’ve been in the creative world all my life, from my father’s 50 year career in Advertising, to my stint in London as a junior, rising up through the industry building brands for some major companies through to marketing, TV and Radio.  I don’t claim to know everything (I’ll leave Google with that accolade), however, a 20 year career points to fundamental facts which I’d like to share with you.

Does it work in Black and White? I believe a logo which will stand the test of time should work in black and white first.  Forget formatting, colours and the ‘pretty’ of it all.  Keep it simple – does it work in black and white.  If the answer is yes, it’s probably a good design.

Is it recognisable in part? This is a tricky one if you are a new business, if you are established then maybe easier.  Think of Coca-Cola (I realise we would all like a household brand, yet “it’s never going to happen“) says you, and you alone! Why can’t it, if your business is great, then successful, you’ve given it the nurture to be a household brand.  If you fragment the Coca-Cola logo you still recognise it right?! If you see an advert without the logo, it is still recognisable as Coca-Cola right?!  This comes down to not just the great logo, but the solid visual language it has built.

Is it Simple and Effective? 
My team will have this written on my epitaph I’m sure. Everything we do, my motto remains consistent. You may not need the flourishes and embellishments, intricate patterns, you may just need a great team to research, and look at your business with a fresh perspective.

Just these three answered questions are all you need to ask to see what makes a great logo design.

Check out these as examples:

Do you recognise these? They work in black and white, are recognisable, simple and effective.

If you are looking for a perfect logo design, which leads on to a brand that build awareness, attracts customers then contact AdBrand and we can work together to give you a great logo design.

Thank you for reading and if you have time click through to see our work.

Adam Ridgway
Chief Creative Director