How do you build a brand?

You’re not alone, many start-up businesses have a great idea, but understanding the funding needed introduces a hurdle. This article will help you understand how you build a brand and where to start.

When considering brand design we take it in stages and some primary questions need to be answered:

1. Who are your competitors?
2. Where are they positioned in the market?
3. Where would you like to be positioned?
4. What would you like you brand to say about you?

The last question is interesting and we ask this a lot let’s try something – let’s say you are starting an accountancy firm – there are hundreds already out there, but what is at the core of their brand?  The answer is values, but what are they?  Does their visual presence deliver what they tell you in their marketing collateral?  We imagine the words used include; Trust, Confidence, Efficient, Certified, Established.  Maybe yours are too?

Look at it from a customer’s view point – they buy because of what they see. If you’ve got a simple and effective logo, with a consistent visual language, a confident tone of voice, defined typography and industry relevant colour pallet this will show your potential customers who and what you are without you having to tell them.

Try this:  Google ‘Accountants in Dubai logo‘
Click on images
Have a scroll through to see which logos stand out for good and bad reasons.

The AdBrand creatives specialise in not just being able to build brands, but help you understand the psychology of design with the researched and developed rationale behind out routes.

A brand is of course way more than a logo and business card. It’s your customer’s perception of your product or service. Google your industry and location.

Click on images Take your current logo and ask yourself, “Do I competitively place against my peers?“

If the answer is no, then contact AdBrand and we’ll show you how to build a brand, design, advertise, market, through creative problem solving.

Thank you for reading and if you have time click through to see our work.

Adam Ridgway
Chief Creative Director