Why use videos to promote your products

We know videos engage, inspire and consume more of our time than we would like to admit. If you aren’t delivering your product to where your customers reside, then you’ll be too late to recover from what your competitors are going to do. This article offers rationale to consider, the results are tested too.

Look to the Facts

According to the 1,600+ senior F&B professionals who have participated in research, Internet of Things and Digital Infrastructure are the two technologies that will impact the industry the most in 2019. There is a global consensus on this, with barely any difference across the regions, from America to Asia.

If we look away from the immediate subject of packaging into a broader footprint of consumer behaviour, you’ll see that stats like this are vital to your progression and brand footprint.  Using video to promote your products is vital and here’s why.

  • 85% of smart phone users watch a video before 10:30am – every day.
  • Videos consume over 70% of all web traffic.
  • Videos get shared 1200% more than other content mediums.

We could rattle off thousands more stats (but we’ll leave that for another article).

Traditional vs. Today

It wasn’t that long ago where the big agencies were spending millions on TV advertising. “Why?” because it worked, they did it because we all watched TV.  Yet many of these behemoth companies are still doing it. “Why?” We really don’t know. We aren’t watching TV now, we’re watching Netflix, we aren’t shopping in malls, we’re buying online. We aren’t looking for items, we want experiences.

The millions being spent is down to thousands.  If you injected a ‘tried and tested’ initiative into your business the results will prove to be vast (we guarantee this), it’s a qualified and quantified ROI.  That billboard doesn’t seem very attractive now does it?

Why should you use videos to promote your products?

Because, you’ll have the market share. By creating evergreen content, which is carefully labelled and seeded throughout the ether it gives your customers the chance to find you again and again.

What content should you be creating?

Experiential content marketing – this is where we help.  AdBrand design the product packaging for you and our partner company VideOh create you a library of content to engage your audiences.

If you are ready to use videos and really drive sales, then contact AdBrand and we can work together.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Ridgway
Chief Creative Director