How much does packaging design cost?

Whether you label this a cost or investment is just a mind-set, within this article we aim to answer the difference between the two for you to make the right decision for your business.

We are the preferred design agency for some of the largest retailers in the region and help build attractive thought-led designs which increase sales, as we all know we buy with our eyes. Some clients want their product to look cheap yet showcase quality, high value yet affordable and these can be tricky, yet our Creative approach helps us ‘design fit for purpose’:

  1. How do you make a product look inexpensive whilst maintaining brand positioning?
  2. Where are they positioned in the market?
  3. Where would you like to be positioned?
  4. What would you like you brand to say about you?

The first question is interesting and is the most common – we need to study the competition, sample the product and understand the values of the company behind the product.

By using minimal design this can easily position the product as ‘cheap, low-value’ or ‘premium’.  Carefully selecting the amount of information to be used in the design is key for AdBrand to offer customers the immediate distinction between the two.  You don’t want a product that has a superior design, making the product appear premium with a low price point as it raises questions.

Take one of your staple products, how much real estate do you own on the shelves? Whether your answer is “a lot” or “not enough” it is helpful for your design agency to deconstruct the brands of your competitors to unveil what is important to the customer and what makes them choose their selection.

Quality, Price, Brand, Packaging are the four most common considerations when purchasing products in 2019.

Quality is considered to be the most impactful variable in consumer’s purchasing decision, slightly more than price, and significantly more than all other aspects. The only sectors for which price is considered to have a more important role than quality are ‘Dairy’, ‘Fats & Oils’, and ‘Meat & Poultry’. Interestingly, aspects such as Halal and Organic Certifications, Sustainability, and Free-from are not in the top three consumer priorities, even though these are considered to be key trends right now.

Core elements of quality, price, brand, and packaging are still leading purchasing decisions, according to the survey respondents. Quality is more important than price, and brand is more relevant than packaging across all regions, except for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The AdBrand creatives specialise in not just being able to build brands, but help you understand the psychology of design with the researched and developed rationale behind out routes. AdBrand are experts at positioning quality through design, leading to a price equilibrium, your brand is our business and the packaging is our craft. 

If you are still asking yourself ‘How much does packaging design cost?’ and you are looking to invest in packaging then contact AdBrand and we’ll work with you to build a brand for your customers to reward you with loyalty.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Ridgway
Chief Creative Director

These are all lessons I’ve learned along my journey building the AdBrand business. If you’d like to see our portfolio, you’re just one click away.