Branding and Content in 2019

It’s a game of Show & Tell. Branding, Content and your customers. This is an update of what AdBrand and VideOh have been busy with over the past few months. Engaging millions and refreshing brands through the psychology of the consumer environment. You know who we are, but may not know how we do ...

What customers feel towards your brand

If a brand is your customers perception of your product or service, what does yours say about you? We understand brands and the control they impose. We build brands with personality to help engage and interact with your customers. With 60% of customer’s buying triggers related to the visual impression, let’s look ...

The Success of Rebranding

A FACE LIFT Times change, people change, and brands need to stay on their toes to keep up with these changes. Like people, brands need a makeover too; to breathe new life and energy into their businesses. Rebranding is a great opportunity to strengthen the perception of your brand and compete ...

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