Branding and Content in 2019

It’s a game of Show & Tell. Branding, Content and your customers. This is an update of what AdBrand and VideOh have been busy with over the past few months. Engaging millions and refreshing brands through the psychology of the consumer environment. You know who we are, but may not know how we do ...

How to create award winning brands

The deadline for entries to this year’s Annual Awards season is fast approaching, it made me think about what you could do to create award winning brands and campaigns surrounding your business. If you are a business owner, agency or client, here are my top tips to get you started on ...

How do you build a brand?

You’re not alone, many start-up businesses have a great idea, but understanding the funding needed introduces a hurdle. This article will help you understand how you build a brand and where to start. When considering brand design we take it in stages and some primary questions need to be answered: 1. Who ...

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