What customers feel towards your brand

If a brand is your customers perception of your product or service, what does yours say about you? We understand brands and the control they impose. We build brands with personality to help engage and interact with your customers. With 60% of customer’s buying triggers related to the visual impression, let’s look ...

A 10-step brand development strategy – Part 1

If you are setting out on the journey of building a brand, we believe there's a format to follow and this 10-step guide will guide you in the right direction. You'll realise it's not easy, but that's where we help. If you've spoken to any experienced Branding, Design companies, Marketing, Advertising ...

A 10-step brand development strategy – Part 2

Now you’ve got the first five fundamentals nailed, you are on your way to understand the brand building strategy. It should be a long and detailed process leaving many questions to be answered. Part two will complete your knowledge. 6. Develop your name, logo and tagline. For many companies, a name ...

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