Branding and Content in 2019

It’s a game of Show & Tell. Branding, Content and your customers. This is an update of what AdBrand and VideOh have been busy with over the past few months. Engaging millions and refreshing brands through the psychology of the consumer environment. You know who we are, but may not know how we do ...

Will SEO help my business?

Yes, but No, but Yes! Do it correctly, then it will substantially increase your business across many touch points, especially ROI. However, doing it incorrectly or 'quick fix' won't help at all and has fatally damaged many businesses. We do SEO and we do it well. We build brands and we ...

Why use videos to promote your products

We know videos engage, inspire and consume more of our time than we would like to admit. If you aren’t delivering your product to where your customers reside, then you’ll be too late to recover from what your competitors are going to do. This article offers rationale to consider, the ...

How can I win more customers?

Spoiler alert! There are a million different ways (educated guess). We’ve researched this in some depth and discovered a route back to branding. This article offers suggestions to consider, the results are tested too. LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS It’s the Age of the Customer, the era of the Internet of Me. Brand names ...

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